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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1,  Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1 (formerly Microsoft Social Listening)and Parature, from Microsoft 15.2.

Updates are in the works for 2015! Read on for changes coming soon.

On this page:

 New features

 Technical Changes

 Release Timing

 How to get the updates

 How to prepare for updates

 Pricing and licensing

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New features

These are just a few of the highlights coming:

Dynamics CRM Online

  • Improved navigation and user interface options: Increase adoption with improved user experience, including new UI themes and faster navigation to records.

  • Immersive Excel experience: Now you can use Microsoft Excel Online to do quick analysis right from CRM Online.

  • Excel export completely redesigned. With a single click, you can export to Excel anywhere, including the desktop version of Excel (2007 and later), Excel Online, and other Excel clients.

  • Embedded OneNote: Capture photos, take voice notes, do free-form drawings, and more. Everything is automatically linked with the record in CRM Online.

  • Track email by folder: Folder tracking provides a new and intuitive way to track incoming email activities on any device that supports Exchange. Now you can track your email directly from virtually any device.

  • Social sales: Define rules for creating or updating CRM records from incoming activities. For example, you can now generate leads or opportunities from social posts.

  • Mobile sales: With the new CRM for Phones app, enjoy the same great mobile experience on your phone as you do on your tablet. Nurture your leads and opportunities through the sales process with the new intuitive interface.

  • Integrated Parature knowledge base: Empower agents with knowledge base integrated into daily service interactions, including the ability to both search and receive automated suggestions.

  • Create Office Groups: Collaborate with team members who don't have access to CRM Online with Office Groups. For example, create a group for your sales team, invite other Office 365 users to join the group, and then share documents, email, OneNote notes, and more.

For more details, see What's new for administrators and customizers and What's New in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics Marketing

  • Separation of service bus namespace for SDK and Connector: You can now configure Microsoft Dynamics Marketing SDK and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with different service bus namespaces.

  • Microsoft-owned queues for CRM Online integration: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing now provides managed service buses for CRM Online integration. You don't need to have a Microsoft Azure account and service bus namespace for CRM Online integration.

  • Double opt-in for email marketing: Send an opt-in link to incoming contacts to verify them. Double opt-in helps you to maintain lead quality and remain compliant with regional regulations.

  • Duplicate detection in email messages: Configure your instance so that email messages are delivered only once per email inbox and avoid sending multiple emails to duplicate contact records.

  • CRM integration enhancements: Set up the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ease. Avoid the hassle of creating a Microsoft Azure namespace and simply leverage the Microsoft managed service bus for integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

  • Assets & media improvements: Tag your assets using multiple keywords and use the improved keyword based search to filter them.

  • Enhancements in analytics using Power BI: Build up your analytics capabilities with the all-new, role-specific Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboard widgets. Utilize a range of newly exposed OData feeds related to budgeting, lead management, and settings.

For more information about the update, see What's New in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

Social Engagement

  • User Interface: Completely redesigned UI throughout the application for an even more intuitive and simplified user experience with visual contextual filtering capabilities.

  • Social Center: User-specific configurable and shareable streams display social posts as they come in and allow you to proactively engage with both your fans and critics from Facebook and Twitter.

  • Social Analytics: Richer data with new visualizations, such as cloud tags, top hashtags, and geo-location for greater insights.

  • Language & Geographic Availability:  Microsoft Social Engagement is available in 110 markets and 19 languages.


  • Omni-portal: Enterprise organizations with a single public-facing brand presence can now easily deliver online support and self-service knowledge for a variety of departments or product lines, all while using a single service desk to consistently manage the brand's customer support.

  • Enhanced knowledge search capabilities: Advanced search capabilities in the Parature knowledge base deliver more relevant results, with added search filters to search for knowledge based on highest feedback ratings, document type, date added or updated, etc.

  • Multi-lingual service and globalization:  Enable assisted service in local languages with routing based on customer language preference and real-time chat translation.  Provide translations for Knowledgebase articles and portal strings to empower customers with self-service in local languages.

  • Portal specific metrics for reports: Create more accurate reports with metrics provided for each Portal Alias. Capture Key Point Indicators to help identify the efficacy of each Portal Alias.

For more information, download the Parature Spring '15 Release Preview Guide.

Technical Changes

From time to time, we must add and remove items from our supported configurations list to keep current with technology and allow us to provide you the best product possible. Stay tuned for important information about any changes to supported configurations.

Release Timing

The upcoming releases for Dynamics CRM Online, Dynamics Marketing, Social Engagement, and Parature will be available in the second quarter of 2015. Please visit this page periodically to get the most current information about the upcoming versions.

How to get the updates

Dynamics CRM Online

Dynamics Marketing

  • The listed administrator within your organization will be notified by email about the specific timing of your update to the next version. Microsoft will send several reminder communications as the scheduled update approaches.

  • Should this scheduled date not be suitable for your organization, you will have an opportunity to reschedule the date through a service request.

  • Keep looking for emails with more specific instructions for updating Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

Social Engagement

  • The listed administrator within your organization will be notified by email about the specific timing of your update to the next version. These updates will happen automatically and Microsoft will send several reminder communications, with the details, as the scheduled update approaches.  


  • The listed administrator within your organization will be notified by email about the specific timing of the update to the next version. Microsoft will send several reminder communications as the scheduled update approaches.

How to prepare for updates

Test the updates in a sandbox environment. We always advise that you preview and test new versions in a non-production environment before you update your live production instances. This will give you the opportunity to verify the compatibility of any customizations that you may have made, or any third-party customizations that are installed. Additionally, testing will also allow you to assess the impact of the upcoming changes on your organization and your users. If you haven't already done so, we strongly advise obtaining a non-production instance.

Browser support for Parature. Parature supports all major browsers and their latest versions, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. To make sure that you can take advantage of all the enhancements to the Service Desk and Support Portal, make sure that you update your browser to the latest version.

Upgrading to a new version of Dynamics Marketing. We have designed the upgrade process to be as quick, easy, and trouble-free as possible. When there are major version updates, you have some flexibility in choosing when your Microsoft Dynamics Marketing instance should be updated and avoid unexpected feature changes, unavailability, or downtime.