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Create web resources and IFRAME content for use with the CRM for tablets client

Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets does not support IFrames or web resources in this release, you can get started developing solutions that use these capabilities for a future release that will support them.

For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update the capability to display IFrames or web resources in CRM for tablets is available as a preview feature for selected regions. This feature is only available for Android and iOS tablets and is not available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises).

Enable this preview feature

Preview features are not meant for production use and are subject to separate Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Previews.

The preview release of this feature is intended to facilitate early development and testing of touch-enabled controls for CRM for tablets. This preview also helps the product team to collect feedback from you.

Enable IFrames and web resources for CRM for tablets

When this preview feature is enabled you can configure IFrames and web resources in forms and dashboards in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web app which can be configured to display in CRM for tablets. To enable this preview feature for your organization, you must be a CRM administrator.

  1. Go to Settings > Administration > System Settings and choose the Customization tab.

  2. Under Preview feature, choose agreement terms to review the terms of use.

  3. Under Preview feature, check both boxes to enable web resources and IFrames in CRM for tablets.

Configure a web resource to be displayed in CRM for tablets

After you have enabled this preview feature, you must also enable each web resource by selecting the CRM for tablets checkbox in the web resource form. The WebResource.IsEnabledForMobileClient attribute stores this data.

Configure a form or dashboard IFrame or web resource control to display in CRM for tablets

When you add an IFrame a web resource or to a form or dashboard you must select the CRM for tablets checkbox in the Add Web Resource dialog. This sets the<ShowOnMobileClient> (FormXml) parameter value for the control.

Known issues

  • You can’t use popups for authentication or other purposes from within IFrames and web resources on CRM for tablets.
  • Authentication for embedded O365 sites is not available.
  • Errors and memory leaks in IFrames and web resources can crash CRM for tablets and can cause client side data loss.
  • This preview feature can adversely affect application performance.
  • Microsoft Silverlight and image web resources are not available on CRM for tablets.