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New Features with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016


Offline mobile capabilities

More new Cortana integrations (beyond what's there already in Dynamics CRM) with sales activities

Tighter integration with the Cortana Analytics Suite

Better mobile app management with Intune

Next release of Microsoft's CRM app for Outlook that will allow users to track emails, add contacts and create records through the browser on PCs or Macs or mobile browser on a phone

Ability to open Office apps within CRM or CRM mobile app


Personalized sales documents

New Excel templates for automating many core tasks

Integrated Delve functionality

Improved Outlook Experience

Customer Service

Unified Service Desk


Social Listening and Social Analytics

More use of Azure Machine Learning for sentiment analysis in Microsoft Social Engagement

You can also quick lookup this document for more details :

Top 5 features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 release has many new and improved features, which presents great improvements in how we can utilize the platform better. The updates will enable marketers to plan and execute marketing campaigns better, track impact, and strengthen collaborations with the sales process.

Customers today have higher expectations from businesses and to meet these needs, it’s mandatory to collaborate and bring in solutions which will help to reduce the gap between divisions which work towards customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is set to release in Q4 2014 (December). And as we studied the new release, we realized there are a few features which will bring about a change, in the good sense, for all users.

Product Families

  • Suggestions: Cross – selling or up- selling requires related product linkages, or formation of product families. Opportunity and customer records can help sales professionals bring in better conversion/customer when products are correctly categorized
  • Bundling: Products can be bundled and offered as packages, for discounts and offers
  • Regional pricelist: Products can be bundled and offered as packages, based on regional requirements and assessments
  • Product properties: Increased number of parameters for a product. Though these can be achieved through customizations in Dynamics CRM 2013, product properties will give more flexibility in various in-house processes
  • Import/Export products: Configuration migration tool, introduced in Dynamics CRM 2013 has been improved to support product migrations in Dynamics CRM 2015

Guided Sales Process

  • Further improves the business processes introduced in Dynamics CRM 2013 to enable organization implement complex business processes
  • Conditional branching has brought about more specificity to business processes
  • As compared to the wizard in Dynamics CRM 2013, Dynamics CRM 2015 offers custom programming options bringing in the possibility of implementing complex business logics

Mobile Enhancements

  • Offline draft capabilities on mobile devices which are synced when the user is back online
  • All dashboards are available on tablets

Case Management

  • Different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to bring in flexible support and service requirements
  • Pause and Resume SLAs to track time efficiently through system settings
  • Track and analyze each key metrics and individual SLA


  • With the new release, search within Dynamics CRM 2015 will be simpler and will allow for the usage of asterisks as wildcard characters
  • Search is customizable and configurable. The search can be across multiple record types.
  • Search can be configured on specific fields of preferred entities, improving search performance

One of the smaller (for now), enhancement which has been brought in, is Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1 devices, using which, users will be able to talk to the customer relationship management suite. Setting up meetings/reminders, searching contacts, accounts or activities, creating new records, etc. will be a breeze using Cortana.

Mobile Development Helper Code for Dynamics CRM


Web Services, OData, Dynamics CRM, SOAP
OData, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Modern app SOAP endpoint, Dynamics CRM web services
Desktop, Phone, Windows RT


The Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Mobile source code sample is a partial re-implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK classes written as a Portable Class Library to facilitate development of store apps for Windows 8.1 desktop, tablets, and phones. The code makes use of the SOAP and OData protocols to issue web service method calls. An organization web service proxy and most of the message response/request classes in the CRM SDK have been implemented. When writing apps that use this code, you don’t have to link to the CRM SDK assemblies to access the organization web service.

This code can also be used when you develop apps using Xamarin. However, you must comment out the EnableProxyTypes method in Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Samples.cs when developing iOS or Android apps using Xamarin because that method contains code that is specific to Windows Store. An alternative is to comment out the relevant code as shown here.


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public async Task EnableProxyTypes()
    List<TypeInfo> typeList = new List<TypeInfo>();
    //// Obtain folder of executing application.
    //var folder = Package.Current.InstalledLocation;
    //foreach (var file in await folder.GetFilesAsync())
    //    // Not only .dll but .exe also contains types.
    //    if (file.FileType == ".dll" || file.FileType == ".exe")
    //    {
    //        var assemblyName = new AssemblyName(file.DisplayName);
    //        var assembly = Assembly.Load(assemblyName);
    //        foreach (TypeInfo type in assembly.DefinedTypes)
    //        {
    //            // Store only CRM entities.
    //            if (type.BaseType == typeof(Entity))
    //                typeList.Add(type);
    //        }
    //    }
    types = typeList.ToArray();


Building the Sample

Your development computer must have an internet connection to build the library as a NuGet package named Json.NET will be automatically downloaded during the build.

To build the Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Mobile.dll assembly, follow these steps.

  1. In Visual Studio 2013, with update 2 or later installed, load the Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Mobile.sln file.
  2. Press F6.



The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SDK (and earlier releases) support client and server side code development for Dynamics CRM. However, the SDK assemblies cannot be used to develop mobile and store applications as the Windows run-time (WinRT) is not supported. To provide support for mobile apps, including cross platform iOS and Android apps, the Dynamics CRM server now supports client access to the organization web service using industry standard protocols such as OAuth (for authentication), plus SOAP and OData for sending web service requests. The problem is that while these protocols are supported, they are difficult to use. The solution is to layer a framework on top of the protocols to make app programming easier. For developing mobile and store apps, you can use the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Library (ADAL) for authentication, and this sample helper code library for web service requests and early-bound type support. 

What is included in the library

This library contains the following key components:


  Web Service Proxy

This library provides most methods that the OrganizationServiceProxy class in the CRM SDK does - Create, Update, Assign, Execute, and so on. The class supports early-bound development by providing an EnableProxyTypes method. SOAP implementations of these methods use the same name as are used in the CRM SDK while the OData-based methods have names that begin with “Rest” for example RestCreate.


  SDK classes and enumerations

This library supports most common CRM SDK classes and enumerations. With the addition of early-bound type support, you can use Visual Studio IntelliSense when writing your apps.


  Organization web service messages

This library includes request/response classes for over 200 messages. It covers both data operations, for example Create, and metadata operations, for example RetrieveMetadataChanges.


What isn't included in the library

Several functional areas that the library doesn’t cover are as follows:


Since this sample code library targets multiple platforms, and each platform has its unique way to authenticate the user, the library doesn’t provide any authentication mechanism. You must obtain an OAuth access token and pass it to an OrganizationDataWebServiceProxy object to access the organization web service. It’s recommended that you use the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) for identity authentication. This library is referenced in the CRM SDK documentation and sample code. There is an open source implementation of ADAL available for iOS and Android. There is a Windows 8.1 version available for the desktop, tablets, and phones.

For more information on ADAL see

A sample code file named CRMHelpers.cs is provided to demonstrate how to authenticate a universal app. The file is not included in the build of the library.

DiscoveryService, DeploymentService, OrganizationServiceContext

This library doesn’t provide support for the discovery or deployment web services. It also doesn’t support the OrganizationServiceContext class.

How to write apps that use this library

You can build Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Mobile.dll using the supplied Visual Studio 2013 solution and add a reference for it in your app’s project or you can add the library’s C# sample code files to your project.

In your app, add code to authenticate the user and obtain a security access token. The method used varies depending on platform as mentioned previously. Next, instantiate the OrganizationDataWebServiceProxy class.

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OrganizationDataWebServiceProxy _proxy = new OrganizationDataWebServiceProxy();

Set the access token and web server URL in the OrganizationDataWebServiceProxy object.

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_proxy.ServiceUrl = "<your CRM server URL goes here>";
_proxy.AccessToken = "<access token>";

Call EnableProxyTypes to use early-bound types and optionally assign a service time-out interval.

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await _proxy.EnableProxyTypes();

_proxy.Timeout = 600;

Send a message request to the web service by using an async/await pattern.

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WhoAmIResponse whoAmIResponse = (WhoAmIResponse)await _proxy.Execute(new WhoAmIRequest());

// Retrieve User Info

SystemUser user = (SystemUser)await _proxy.Retrieve(SystemUser.EntityLogicalName, whoAmIResponse.UserId, new ColumnSet(true));

How to update existing application code

If you want to use existing application code that was written for the CRM SDK with this library, make the following code changes.

1. Add the async keyword to methods.

2. Add await before the call to a proxy method.

3. When accessing the property of a web service response, do so as shown here.


Original CRM SDK code

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_proxy.RetrieveMultiple(new QueryExpression(“account”, new Columns(true)).Entities)

Modified code

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(await _proxy.RetrieveMultiple(new QueryExpression(“account”, new Columns(true))).Entities)

Important notes

  • The sample files are not intended to be used in a production environment. You should deploy this sample to a test environment and examine it for interaction or interference with other parts of the system.
  • Before you deploy this sample to a production environment, make sure that you consider the existing customizations you may have implemented in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.
  • This library was written by Kenichiro Nakamura at Microsoft.

Source code for the CrmSvcMobileUtil program is provided in a separate sample. Use that program to generate any custom or customized entity types in your organization for inclusion in your application.

Source Code Files

  • Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Utility.Samples.cs - This file implementes a utility class that provides methods used by the other code files. There is no equivalent for this functionality in the CRM 2013 SDK.

More Information

For more information on Dynamics CRM authentication and app development, see Write mobile and modern apps.

download the code : View this sample online

CRM Service Utility for Mobile Development


Dynamics CRM
Code Generation, Dynamics CRM metadata access
Desktop, Phone, Windows RT


This sample is a custom extension to the CrmSvcUtil.exe program that ships in the Dynamics CRM 2013 SDK. The purpose of this program is to generate C# or VB source code containing early-bound entity types and option set types from the metadata of your CRM server. This code can then be included in your mobile app projects. This enables you to make use of both out-of-box and any custom or customized entities in your code.


Building the Sample

To build the program, follow these steps.

  1. Obtain the CrmSvcUtil.exe program and the Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.dll assembly from the Bin folder of the CRM 2013 SDK. You can download the SDK from
  2. Load the CrmSvcMobileUtil.sln solution file into Visual Studio 2013.
  3. Add references to CrmSvcUtil.exe and Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.dll in the project.
  4. Press F6 to build the program.


Running the Program

For information on how to run the program, see the SDK topic: Create early bound entity classes with the code generation tool (CrmSvcUtil.exe).


Important Notes

    • The sample files are not intended to be used in a production environment. You should deploy this sample to a test environment and examine it for interaction or interference with other parts of the system.
    • This program was written by Kenichiro Nakamura at Microsoft.


      More Information

      For more information about writing an extension to the CrmSvcUtil program, see Create extensions for the code generation tool.

      You can download code:

      CRM Service Utility for Mobile (48.2KB)

      Dynamics CRM 2011'i diğer platformlarda kullanmak

      En çok sorulan soruların başında CRM'i IOS, Android gibi platformlarda kullanabilir miyim gelmekte. Aşağıdaki video linkleri sizlere bunun bir takım ek yazılımlar ile nasıl mümkün olduğunu göstermekte. Ayrıca hiçbir ek yazılama ihtiyaç duymadan da CRM'in mobile formlarını kullanabilirsiniz bunu lütfen gözardı etmeyin. Burada gösterilen uygulamalar ilgili işletim sistemine yüklenerek onların ek özelliklerini kullanmakta ve ayrıca size offline kullanım özelliği de sunmakta. Dediğim gibi amaç sürekli online olmaksa bu yazılımlara ihtiyaç duymadan mobile özelliği zaten kullanabilirsiniz.

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      Windows Mobile 6.5 – Widget Geliştirmek Part 1

      Windows Mobile 6.5 uygulama geliştiriciler ve son kullanıcılar tarafında onlarca yenilikle birlikte hayatımıza girdi sayılır. Uygulama geliştiriciler tarafında bu yeniliklerin belki de en önemlisi masaüstü ortamda halihazırda kullanıyor olduğumuz Widget’ lar. Artık Windows Mobile 6.5 üzerinde siz de Widget’ lar geliştirebilirsiniz. 

      Windows Mobile 6.5 üzerinde Widget kavramının ayrıntılı şekilde ele alınacağı ve örnek uygulamaların geliştirileceği bu seminer, aynı zamanda Türkiye’de Windows Mobile 6.5 hakkında gerçekleştirilecek ilk web semineri olma özelliğini de taşımaktadır.

      Tarih : 04 Ağustos 2009 Salı Günü

      Saat : 21:00 – 22:00

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