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Join Us at Summit EMEA 2017

I'm pleased to announce that I'm one of the presenters in Summit EMEA 2017 which will be held 4-6 April at the RAI Amsterdam.

About my session:

Development on Dynamics 365/CRM
Tuesday, April 4
 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
 | Room: G110

Format: Presentation
Level: Intermediate

Looking to extend or write your first code to your Dynamics CRM environment? This session is focused on those new to CRM development or CRM administrators interested in taking the plunge to "code" customization. Covering all development structure of the Dynamics platform since version 2011. Attendees can easily see the difference between versions from a development perspective and particularly helpful for those who work on upgrade projects.

About Summit EMEA:

Summit EMEA 2017 will be held 4-6 April at the RAI Amsterdam. Summit EMEA provides Microsoft Dynamics users with best-in-class education on how to maximise the performance of Microsoft CRM, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, and Power BI products. This event welcomes IT executives and end users from organizations using Microsoft Dynamics for learning and collaboration in a trustworthy environment.

This community-driven conference features special access to Microsoft leadership and a diverse array of interactive training workshops led by experts and users. Session topics include:

·         BI & Reporting

·         CRM Cloud Extensions

·         Developer

·         Leadership & User Adoption

·         Microsoft Dynamics 365

·         Power User

·         User Showcase

·         Partner Solutions Showcase

Sessions are currently available online. View session details, descriptions, and speaker information.

Interested in Power BI? There will also be three full days of Power BI sessions available to attendees. View Power BI sessions.

This event is brought to you by AXUG, CRMUG, NAVUG, and PBIUG. These User Groups are the world's most influential communities of Dynamics users, business leaders, IT professionals, developers, and partners - with members sharing a common goal to maximize and advance the performance of their Dynamics investment.

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IT Projelerinde Yapılan Hataları Konuşuyoruz etkinliginin ardindan

25 Subat gunu Microsoft Istanbul ofisinde cok guzel bir etkinlik gerceklestirdik. 90 dinleyici o gun bizi yalniz birakmadi ve ustatlarin agzindan proje deneyimlerini dinlediler.

Ilk bolumde Mustafa Kara moderatorlugunde Nihal Battallar, İbrahim Durak, Mustafa Ozan, Serkan Esen ve Emre Aydın projelerdeki sorunlari ve bunlarin cozum yollarini kendi deneyimlerinden yola cikarak tartistilar.

Ikinci bolumde ise ben ve serkan Esen "Partner Secme Kriterleri" adinda bir sunum yaptik.

Bu sunum sirasinda ben MBA yaparken Research Methodology dersi icin hazirlamis oldugum PARTNERSHIP ECOSYSTEM IN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - Microsoft Case Study odevindeki sorulardan yola cikarak sunumu hazirladim.

  • Partner’ın teknik yeterliliğini ve bilgisini ölçmek için genel bir yol var mıdır?
  • Partner’ın sizinle aynı sektörde proje deneyiminin olmasının seçiminize etkisi nedir?
  • Partner’ın geçmişinde başarılı ve başarısız proje deneyimlerinin etkisi nedir?
  • Partner, sektör standarttı haline gelmiş proje yönetim metodolojilerine sahip ya da uygulamakta mıdır?
  • Partner ne kadar uzun süredir sektörde faaliyet göstermektedir?
  • Partner çalışanlarının sertifikalı uzmanlar olması ile yerel/uluslararası tecrübelerinin olması arasındaki denge nedir?

  • Is there a generalised way to measure technical competence and know-how of a partner?
  • What is the weighted effect of partner having project experience in the same industry of the client a selection criteria?
  • What is the weighted effect of successfully and failed project experiences in the past of partner?
  • Does the partner have or apply a sector-standard project management methodology?
  • How long is your partner working in the sector is a selection criteria?
  • What is the preferred balance of focus for employees of the partner between completed certification programmes and project experiences in both the local and international markets?

Emegi gecen herkese cok tesekkurler.

Sizinle etkinlikle ilgili fotograflari da paylasmak istiyorum.

CRM Saturday - Istanbul

1 Kasım’da Microsoft yeni bulut bilişim platformu Dynamics 365’i duyurdu. Yeni platform CRM ve ERP çözümlerinin bulutta yeni ve mükemmel birleşimi ve birçok yeni özellikle birlikte gelmekte. Microsoft’un bu yeni çözümünü bütün detaylarıyla inceleyeceğimiz bu etkinlikte Dynamics 365’in bulutta ne özellikler sunduğunu ve diğer Microsoft ürünleri olan Azure ve Office 365 ile nasıl entegre olduğunu konunun uzmanlarından dinleyeceksiniz.

26 Kasım 2016
10:00 – 15:45

London CRM Meetup is completed

London CRM Meetup is completed successfully. 

After event Ramon Tebar (Metrobank CRM Software Architect - CRM MVP) said that
"Great Team Work yesterday at the CRM London Meetup ( celebrated in our Holborn offices. Our CRM Team managed to organise end-to-end its first public event and share some of the lessons learnt in our CRM implementation during the already almost last 4 years. This was a great opportunity to exchange experiences with other professionals and near 60 people came along. Our new team member, Natalia Blanco, was able to prepare and print all the badges for our external and internal attendees. Kiran Thind, Samira Bijle, Charlie Peacock and Marc Trotman kindly welcomed our guests at the store and walked them to the event room. Sergio Fernandez, Faisal Memon and Irfan Mistry helped to set the room layout and organise all the chairs. At the same time, David Duong and Thomas Yates configured the microphones and checked the room audio. Marcin Bochenko brought his cool camera and took pictures during the whole session (looking forward to seeing them!). When everyone was in the room, Metroman came along to say hello thanks to Liam Hunt. Our speakers were able to deliver a dynamic and entertaining agenda within the scheduled time. Deane Roe walked us through the challenges to gather and organise our requirements across multiple projects. Sebastian Waksmundzki and Baris Kanlica shared some developments advices. Our Test Lead, Chelsey Dawe, showed how to plan efficiently the CRM test cases. Mario Trueba, Vikas Yadev and Matthew Groves explained how to integrate CRM with other systems. Freya Breitenbach described how important our digital communications are. Labina Jusufi explained some of the tricks to adopt and maintain our CRM practise. To close the event, we run an interactive Q&A session with the whole team involved and our guests raised multiple interesting questions. Thanks to Jeff Higgs and David Young, our CTO, for joining us and help us to answer some of the enquiries from our audience. I believe we have now new Metro Bank Fans :) " 

CRM as a Business Strategy

Looking at your Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM’s) as a piece of software? Think again. While CRM’s are getting better, easier and cheaper to use, this year more companies are positioning their CRM’s as a marketing channel to map the true value of their clients to aid their competitive edge.

For those unfamiliar with CRMs, it’s time to familiarise yourselves or be left behind. A CRM is a strategy to manage your company’s interactions with your customers, clients and your prospects. Long gone is the old trustworthy little black book. Today, CRMs use technology to streamline and automate information, enhancing your business processes. CRMs allow you to measure and record your interactions and keep your sales, marketing and business development system streamlined and efficient.

Not too long ago, surveys reported 70-75% of all CRM initiatives failed. That was yesterday. This is today.

Smart companies will position CRM as a strategy and corporate asset from the outset. This dynamic communication system will be your corporate memory and tactical delivery channel for targeted campaigns and will be used by everyone across the organisation, not just by the sales team. Positioned and used correctly with all this valuable information tracked and mapped, your CRM can be valued as part of your asset register and eventually sold for premium.

How do you create the strategy/vision, manage expectations, organise around the customer and implement CRM best practice? And what are the latest trends in CRM?

  1. Branding is more important than ever. Brands are increasingly becoming a surrogate for value, making brand more critical as generic features continue to propagate in the brand landscape.
  2. Value is the new black: Consumer spending, even on sale items, will continue to be replaced by a reason-to-buy at all. The era of “because I said so” is over. This will more than likely challenge most companies.
  3. The rise of the Datarati. Google’s Chief Economist, Hal Varian once said that “Datarati are companies that have the edge in consumer data insight…Data is ubiquitous and cheap, analytical ability is scarce… The sexiest job in the next ten years will be statistician.” How true. There has been and will continue to be an increased focus on data analysis as companies continue to invest in measuring social media, understanding customer value and modeling customer behavior. If you don’t use your data to talk to your customers, others will. The investment in data aggregation and the hiring of “sexy” statisticians is a major trend in 2011 and will be for years to come.
  4.  Customer Experience: Customers have more choices than ever, and are more frugal. This affords them the luxury to demand more. This is the year that the CRM Marketer will be charged with offering a consistent experience across all company touch points and developing the infrastructure to allow knowledge sharing and smart communication. Smart marketers will identify and capitalise on unmet expectations. Companies that understand where the strongest expectations exist will be the companies that survive and prosper. The customer’s mobile and online experiences will begin to evolve and rival the customer’s offline experience – attentive assistants and all.
  5.  Personalisation and customisation: In order to be effective in 2011 and beyond, companies will seek to increase customer knowledge and use this insight to talk, engage and interact with their customers more often and more meaningfully in new and innovative ways (including dynamic content, blogs to other social networking). 2011 onwards will be up close and personal, like it or not.
So what is CRM Best Practice?

  •     CRM is about putting your customer at the centre or heart of your business
  •     CRM is about building better relationships with your customers
  •     CRM can give you a 360-degree view of the customer which enables you to improve the quality and satisfaction of each customer interaction and maximize the profitability of your customer relationships… a win/win for both you and your customers
  •     CRM can be practiced across all levels within a business from the ‘C’ Suite to customer service, product development, procurement, distribution, marketing, and of course sales.

  •     Do your senior managers, sales people and your broader business know why you have a CRM?
  •     If so, do they know how to use it and why it will benefit them to do so?
  •     Do they know what information needs to be captured and how it will be used?
  •     Do they know how it will help them grow, develop and retain viable clients?
  •     Does your CRM strategy and subsequent software make life easier for your sales people to make sales or not?
  •     Does your CRM strategy and subsequent software support everyone in your business to make life easier for your clients and each other?
Your CRM needs to be a business strategy and a way of life not just a piece of software.

Dynamics CRM 2016 upgrade sonrasi kullanicilarin kayitlari gorememesi problemi

Dynamics CRM'de bir yazilim ve bug'lari oluyor elbette. Karsilastigim bir bug ve cozumunu de sizinle paylasmak istiyorum.

CRM 2016'ya eger onceki veriyondan upgrade ederek gectiyseniz bazi kullanicilarin sisteme giris yaptiktan sonra hicbir kaydi goruntuleyemedigini gorebilirsiniz. Bu sorun upgrade islemi sirasinda yetki gruplarinda kaynaklanan bir hatadan olusmaktadir ve kullanicinin sisteme girmesine izin vermesine ragmen kayitlara erisimini engellemektedir.

Cozum ise bu sorunu yasayan kullanicilarin guvenlik rollerini kaldirip yeniden vermek. Konuyla ilgili Microsoft'ta case acilmis durumda ilk guncellemede duzelecegini umuyorum.

Bu sekilde sorun cozulmekte. Sizlerin de karsilastigi sorunlar varsa lutfen bildirin ki burada yayinlayarak herkese faydali olmaya calisalim.

"Satış problemlerinizi Dynamics CRM ile çözün" seminer duyurusu

Eğer siz de aşağıdaki sorunları yaşayan bir satış organizasyonu içerisindeyseniz internet üzerinden canlı olarak gerçekleşecek olan etkinliğimize katılabilir Microsoft Dynamics CRM ürününün nasıl bütün sorunların üstesinden geldiğini görebilirsiniz. Canlı etkinlik sırasında sorular da sorabilirsiniz.

“Sektöründe iyi bir konumda yer alan firmanın sahibi Ahmet Bey, satışla ilgili sorunlarının nereden kaynaklandığını tam teşhis edemiyordu. Satış ekipleri mi yeterince potansiyel yaratamıyordu yoksa çoğu potansiyelden haberdar olmalarına rağmen işleri rakiplerine mi kaptırıyorlardı?

Sorunu çözmek için daha ayrıntılı bilgiye sahip olmaları gerekiyordu ancak satış ekiplerinden daha fazla bilgi toplamak için girişimde bulunduğunda, çok tepki çekiyordu. Dışa dönük ve satışa odaklanmış bu ekipler, sistemle uğraşmaya ve bilgi girişi yapmaya direniyorlar, tüm zamanlarını satışa ayırmak ve şirket dışında olmak istiyorlardı. Satış ekiplerinden her görüşmelerini, her teklifi, her teklif sonrası takip adımlarını sisteme girmelerini istemek kolay değildi. Siparişlerin takibi ve ofis isleri de bu nedenle aksamaktaydı.

Ahmet Bey'e bir arkadaşı, aradığı çözümün Microsoft Dynamics CRM olabileceğinden bahsetti. Pek çok firmanın bu yazılım ile satış ekiplerini hiç yormadan, Outlook içinden kendi ajandalarını takip ederken bilgi topladıklarını ve satış etkinliğini fazlasıyla artırdıklarından bahsetti. Ayrıca mobil durumda da sisteme bağlanabilmekte islerini her yerden takip edip bilgi alış-verişi yapabilmekteydiler.”

Gelin Ahmet Bey’in bu sorunu nasıl çözebileceğini beraber görelim.

Microsoft’tan 5 kere üst üste Dynamics CRM MVP(En Değerli Uzman) ödülünü almış olan Barış Kanlıca’nın sunumu 28 Mart 2016 Pazartesi günü saat 09:30’da başlayacak. Sunuma katılmak ve bundan sonraki sunumlardan haberdar olmak ve soru/önerileriniz için adresine mail atabilirsiniz.

Daha fazla bilgi için adresini ziyaret edebilirsiniz.